Monday, July 14, 2008

"Babies 'r' Complicated"

At least that's what they would have you believe. We went to Babies 'r' Us yesterday to try out a few strollers, and to say I was overwhelmed would be a gross understatement. Companies aim to frighten prospective parents into purchasing dozens of contraptions to restrain, monitor, or stimulate our children. Who needs a $900 crib? And who the hell designs these things? The only crib I really like (and which is, paradoxically, the cheapest I've seen offered) is the "Sniglar" at Ikea. Solid unfinished beech, in a simple minimal design, without the drop-side that requires all that plastic hardware.

Here it is.

Alas, they're having a "supply problem". Aargh! No idea when they'll be back in.

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