Sunday, October 12, 2008

26 Days

Michael and the gang threw a party last night for their friend Jason, the world traveling motorcycle salesman, who is departing for points beyond, probably Columbia. I thought this was an appropriate choice, so close to Columbus Day. We arrived at 10:30 p.m., after a James Tate poetry reading at the final So and So Series (adieu, adieu). Somebody said, look! it's Emily and Chad impersonators! I thought this was an appropriate comment, coming as it did so close to Halloween. There was Amber with her six-month-old daughter. Uncle Mike washed out a beer bottle twice and let Fiona play with it on the floor. The child had a mohawk and people got a kick out of this. I thought this was appropriate, seeing how children often have the kind of cool, unkempt hair that adults are wont to covet. Emily said it was her last hoorah, which I thought was appropriate, given we have 26 days left before our child is born. On the ride home, I thought of the Ween song, "Your Party." I thought this was a very appropriate song to think of, since after all we had just been to a party.

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