Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Incredible Adventures of Emmett in Oklahoma

Hi, everyone. You wouldn't believe what I've been up to here in Oklahoma. Things have been moving pretty fast around here. Sometimes things seem like a blur. Other times they seem to move really slow. My favorite album is Vampire Weekend's debut effort. I like to dance to it. The picture below is from Christmas Eve, the night of the famous blizzard of '09.

Here are two pictures of me and Mama and Papa in the Blizzard. I like how our house looks in the background.

I learned how to play the piano. Here I am performing a duet with my cousin Josiah.

That Josiah. What a guy!

Uncle Dale! World's best babysitter!

We went on a hike in the woods. I really like birdies.

I saw some pretty horsies and got a far away look in my eyes.

I met a fat guy in a red suit and didn't know what to think.

We planted a tree inside our living room. I also learned how to work this sphere thing.

I learned how to play the guitar, too.

But perhaps most importanty, I turned one!

Gosh, that was already two months ago. I am fourteen months old today. Life is great so far.


Ward Cheney said...

These are soooo great! Thanks. And Emmett, I want you to meet Forrest, the baby of my niece, Hope. I think you two would get along famously.

Anonymous said...

Thank you ,Thank You, Thank You. I have so missed seeing and reading about your wonderful family.
LOve always FG