Wednesday, October 22, 2008

16 Days

Just had dinner at Matt Murphy's, the best Irish pub in Brookline, with Jane and Mike, the best parents in Massahoma. Fish and chips wrapped in newspaper, shepherd's pie with lamb, beef stew, soda bread, and a slab o' butter the size of a cake of soap. We washed our mouths out thoroughly with that soap, then topped it off with some bread pudding. Our unborn child will be loving life tomorrow. And the next day. And when s/he--definitely a "he," if the Chinese Lunar calendar has anything to say about it--finally comes home to live with us, s/he will be loving life in the cradle that Jane and Mike brought over. Just look at this thing, folks. Handmade in Grandpa Pierre's garage shop by none other than Grandpa P. himself, this thing will be around until the end of time. Piersson used it, our little ________________(fill in the blank) will use it. If I were 1'8'' tall, I'd use it. Good night.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I love your photos...they are really nice..

Anonymous said...

Hey, I just stumbled upon your blog and it brought back memories of when there was a crib in the corner of my bedroom. "The baby" is now 22, gainfully employed, a prince of a guy and testimony to the fact that a themed nursery is a bunch of hooey.
Congratulations and enjoy the journey!