Sunday, October 19, 2008

19 Days

With over a fortnight to go, we've almost put the finishing touches on our apartment. I spent yesterday and today reorganizing my desk and office, and we've continued to weed out any undesirable, ill-fitting, or outdated clothing. Boomerangs, our local thrift store, must think we're independently wealthy or proudly homeless. Probably both, since we give our belongings to the folks at the back door, and then walk through the front door to buy more stuff. But, honestly, who could refuse a pair of never-been-worn Brooks Brothers leather wing-tips (see the shoes I wore in the L'Espalier post) for $20? That's unheard of. They cost over $500 new. In other news, we've put a new felt pad under our living room rug and organized the tools in the closet. This afternoon we're taking the coffee table to our Canton workshop to stain it black to bring it in line with our theme of "classy." We're also picking up a slipcover we had made for our couch. And there's a Home Depot stop in the works: hooks, latches, and various other gimcracks will help us keep extraneous shit a) off the floor, b) closed tight, and c) out of our business! We're pumped. We're feeling it. Ain't no inanimate object gonna interfere with our soon-to-be animate object.

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