Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Feet and Toes

Mommy and Daddy are proud because I can finally hold my head up enough to sit in this chair. I'm happy, too, but mostly because guess what I found? TOES! I found some toes! Those little things down there that wiggle! Attached to my feet! Hey! I found some feet, too! Feet, feet, feet. Feet and toes, toes and feet. Here's a poem a wrote for the occasion:
Feet and toes
toes and feet
feet feet feet
Toes and feet
feet and toes
toes toes toes
feet toes feet
toes feet toes
toes toes feet
feet toes toes
toes feet feet
a toe and foot and a couple of feet!
No to foes,
yes to teet,
Hurrah for toes and toes and feet!

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