Monday, March 2, 2009

Japolish or Polanese?

Necessity is the mother of invention. Recession is the mother of necessity. This means that recession is the grandmother of invention. Dear Grandma Recession, we have a brand-new cuisine for you, and we hope you are proud of our scrappy ingenuity, our pioneering pluck: last night we dined on Japolish food. Hybridity is de rigeur in Oklachusetts--this state of suspended animation between coast and plain--and so we ate the Polanese delicacy of potato and cabbage miso soup. It was delicious. It was two tastes for the price of one (which was nothing, since we had everything we needed). It was traveling in two places simultaneously, without going anywhere. It was a reduction of globalism served in the cold dish of isolationism. It was...well, you get the point. It was mind-blowing.

Readers, do you do this, too? Do you play the game called "Let's cook whatever is in the pantry tonight"? Do you mash-up as you gourmandize? What fantastically bicameral broths have you concocted recently? Please, do share. And see if you can give a name to your culinary experiments.


Anonymous said...

I ate Edamame and Prosciutto for dinner last week and Dan is still teasing me about it.

Chad Reynolds said...

That sounds delicious. It reminds me of this episode of "Simply Ming" when Ming and that Spanish chef from "Spain: On the Road Again" made a gazpacho that featured edamame.