Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Three Bedroom Single Family in Edmond, OK

Lured by the promise of affordable real estate, the Mr. and I have been toying with the idea of a move. That's right folks - to Oklahoma. We spied this little beauty in Edmond for the low, low price of $50K, complete with DIY swing. Wow. Yeah, I know, we were pretty bowled over too. Maybe the tarp is even included! Whaddya think?


Kerstin said...

I think the swing alone is worth $50,000. But seriously you guys shouldn't move. -Kerstin

Anonymous said...


Oklahoma's not THAT bad. Promise!

Can't wait to have y'all here!

PS: I put the y'all in there for your benefit, although I suspect it will enter your vernacular within 9 months of living here.

circa1762 said...

y'all're really moving to Sooner land?

Cool--easier for me to visit

Swing is hilarious, by the way!

Monika said...

So is that a scam or a joke? (not on you guys, but on the guy trying to get someone to 'invest' in it)...there is no way a house like that is anywhere in that housing division.

Here's the google maps street view for the closest area


Chad Reynolds said...


I don't know what it is: scam or joke. But I know it's not for real because that area of Edmond is quite nice. It just goes to show that, while Zillow is pretty special in most ways, it's not foolproof. Anyone who wants to have a laugh can do so, I guess.

Still, you gotta admit that the swing is pretty awesome.

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