Saturday, June 6, 2009

Blogs, Parents, Highways, and Parks

I've been thinking a lot about blogs lately, about how they look, what they do, what they're for. I still haven't figured them out. Does anybody know how many blogs exist at this moment? I bet just now about three hundred more got started.

Some people run little online family photo albums on their blogs. Oklachusetts kinda does that. See? Here are two pictures of Emmett attempting to pick up a pea between his still-ungainly-though-suddenly-not-decidely-ungainly thumb and forefingers.
And here is a picture of Emmett wearing a decidely-too-big-but-strangely-not-decidely-overwarm-given-it's-no-longer-winter wool cap that belongs to his daddy.Other blogs, like Sweet Juniper, have reimagined the family blog genre to find a compelling narrative that transcends any individual blogger's concerns and attains something like the universal. By chronicling the turmoils and triumphs of being a parent and spouse in the ruins of modern day Detroit, Jim (the guy who runs Sweet Juniper) has captured a certain zeitgeist that I think many Americans are feeling right now: a curious mix of anger at the asswipes who got us in this mess and a real fear for the future that nonetheless can't destroy the hope that we can make it right for our children. By it, I mean our cities, our country, our world. Funny how reading a blog can give me that hope.

What does Oklachusetts add to the blogosphere, I wonder? I like to think it synthesizes two ways of looking at the world and puts forth a new way. Or perhaps it shows that a blue and red state have more in common than people realize, despite very real differences (though I haven't discussed politics all that much). Maybe it's a meditation on how the hopes and dreams a parent has for a child are similar to the hopes and dreams a citizen has for his or her city.

Parents are like city planners who only have a few chances to get it right. What buildings will they raze, what buildings will they keep? Will they build a highway through the center of town, or will they build a central park?

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