Saturday, October 10, 2009

Dan and Keira

I'm back in Boston this weekend after two intense weeks in Hartford for work. We're on the East Coast for another week and half, and in that time we have big plans, and none bigger than attending Dan and Keira's wedding. But I'll be more than attending...I'll be officiating! Yes, Dan and Keira asked me to officiate (or "solemnize," if you want to get technical) their wedding, and I am honored to do it. After all, I did introduce them! Click on the link above and then check me out in the "Wedding Entourage" page.

Dan and Keira at the Beach:

In other news, we miss our new home. We can't stop thinking of all the fun things we want to do to it. As promised in a previous post, I have some "before and after" photos for you. Wait and see the difference.

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