Thursday, September 24, 2009

Our 101st Post

Rather than talk about how cool it is that the MAPS 3 proposal contains plans for a streetcar (yes!), and rather than mention how cool it would be if (assuming it passes in the December vote) OKC hires United Streetcar (the first American manufacturer of streetcars in 58 years) to build them, and instead of talking about how nice it is that the MAPS 3 plan includes a big central park and plans to finish bikes trails and sidewalks across the city, and even though I'd love to talk how the sun is out after three weeks of rain, or how we're heading to the East Coast for three weeks tomorrow (so Emily and Emmett can visit her folks and so I can attend a program in Hartford, CT), I think I'll stop rambling in this, our 101st post on Oklachusetts, and just give the people what they want: Mr. Emmett!


Chris Tonelli said...

man, that little guy is cute! when will you be in new england?

Ny Martin said...

!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good GOD he's huge and adorable!

aNYWAY, I came by your blog not to abuse exclamation marks in honor of your son's adorability, but to tell you to demand of Bill Castell the photoshop merge the kids did of your heads. While you're at it, drop me a line @ your old Boston stomping ground. But first, tell Emily hi and kiss Emmett The Adorable for me!