Friday, January 29, 2010

Ice Storm

An ice storm has immobilized Oklahoma City. There is a quarter-inch of ice on each little branch and twig outside, a condition which Emily tells me is beneficial to trees because the ice acts as a blanket. It's cold outside, but we're warm inside.

In other news, OKC got a huge shout-out in The New York Times on Tuesday. Check it out:


circa1762 said...

What's up amigos?!

Fun to have this little window into yer life--thanks! Especially enjoyed Emmett's autobio.

School is crazy at the moment, but hope to catch up in the near fuchsia.

Yes I had to look up how to spell that last word.


Chad Reynolds said...


Welcome, good sir! Thanks for dropping by and saying hello. Check out my poetry blog at

Can't wait for Pavement, fall 2010!