Sunday, March 21, 2010


Life happens. Storms happen. Raised planters get built, radish seeds and collard seedlings get planted, snow falls, kids get sick, parents worry about their kids and their seeds and seedlings they planted. Nasty garages get cleaned out. Parents get sick, city leaders debate where to put convention centers, basketball tournaments come to town. Companies build skyscrapers, other companies make plans to raze historic buildings, people get upset, Downtown Design Review Committees ask to take tours of these buildings, people get slightly less upset. Downtowns are the object of obsession and pride. People do their taxes and look forward to receiving first-time homebuyer tax refunds. First-time homebuyers who get huge refunds make plans to remodel master bathrooms. Kids go to the openings of Children's Zoos. It is nearly always better to be a parakeet in a Children's Zoo than a goat, which nearly always look terrified. To walk is nearly always better than to drive. Declarations like this keep people honest. Honesty is a wonderful thing. Wonder is a wonderful thing. Bloggers stay away far longer than they intended, then return to make a flurry of generalizations.

Here's what I mean:


LHA said...

Just found your blog through Steve Lackmeyer's NewsOK blog. I used to work with Steve. I'm a British expat who now lives in Boston after 5 years in Oklahoma, so I can appreciate your mix of cultures! Good to find you. Your son looks very sweet!

Andrew Black said...

Hey Limey! Good to see you're staying up to date. Careful there in Boston - they're a bit crazy (my in-laws live there).
Anyway, generalizations aside, cool blog post. My compliments on the new sidewalk!