Monday, July 19, 2010

Donkeys, Peaches, and Subway Tiles

It's hot in Oklahoma in the summer.

Might as well go pick peaches.


Or go pet a baby miniature donkey.

I want a baby miniature donkey.

But best of all is cooling off in our new bathroom.


LHA said...

As a Brit who lives in Oklahoma and now lives in Massachusetts (therefore having experienced extremes of summer and winter), I would definitely say I prefer a hot Oklahoma summer where everywhere has A/C than this sweltering Massachusetts summer where A/C is a luxury. I'd also choose an OK summer over a MA winter any day!

Elisa said...

He got HUGE! This kid is a STAHHH

Love the new b-room.

April said...

Mr. Reynolds! Randomly found your blog and loved seeing different pieces of your life in OK. Take care, and good luck with the writing.

Unknown said...

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